Take Home Pay Calculator

Using official HMRC data, and starting with just your annual gross salary, the UK Take Home Pay calculator can give you an idea of what your take home pay, tax and national insurance will be.

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Tax Year
Select the tax year that you want to calculate tax for. For example, for April 2013 to April 2014 select 2013 / 2014.

Enter your gross annual salary (E.g. 25000.00)

Enter as either a monetry amount or as a percentage. If a percentage, append the amount with a % (E.g. 15%)

Taxable Benefits
Use this to specify a bonus or car allowance

Identify what age group you belong to

Tax Code
If you know if, enter your tax code (E.g. 675L)

What will you take home?

After pressing "Show Me", what will the results to tell? Starting with your salary and benefits, the results will show you how much of your salary is spent on tax. Next, the results present the total income tax and national insurance amount before showing how these numbers are calculated. For example, with Income Tax, how much of this charge is devoted to ten, twenty, fourty and fifty percent tax.

Finally, all the results are totalled together at the bottom of the page and here you can find out what the net pay is going to be.

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