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UK Salary & Tax - UK Tax Calculator for Apple iPhone

Using official HMRC Income Tax and National Insurance contribution Data, UK Salary & Tax allows you to quickly and easily learn how much income tax and national insurance you might pay on an annual and monthly basis.

By editing details about your salary, age and optionally pension contribution, and tax code you can see how your monthly income will be affected by changes in your personal details. For example what impact will a pay rise or change in tax code have against you.

With UK Salary & Tax, you can:

Screen shot of the UK Salary & Tax iPhone application
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  • Calculate your tax obligation using official Inland Revenue data
  • Analyse multiple salaries
  • Save you salary details for future analysis
  • Quickly view a summary of the current year's tax
  • Review a detail breakdown of tax over the past four years
  • Change pension and tax code quickly and easily
  • Learn what the impact the annual tax changes will have on your salary

Note that the information presented in UK Salary & Tax is for guidance purposes only. You should contact your employer or local Inland Revenue tax office to verify the figures.

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